Monday, May 12, 2014

Mom in Maine

With my kids in Chicago, and my husband in Boston, I did what any mom would do on a Mother's Day spent alone:

Go to Maine.

No really. I did.

Just last week at our JV conference, the speaker mentioned a church in Maine as an illustration, calling it "The Most Photographed Church in America". As soon as he said it I thought, "I'm going there!"

I had no idea where it was at the time. But a quick Google search showed it to be in Kennebunkport, Maine, a perfect afternoon drive away from where I'm staying in New Hampshire.

Honestly, other than the fact that it has a four sided clock tower, I don't remember what the significance of the church was in the speaker's illustration! But it got me to Kennebunkport to see it for myself.

After the storm on Saturday night, I woke up to sunshine and blue sky that lasted all day. What a treat to sit on a bench, sipping coffee, soaking in the spring sunshine and thinking about my own mom, as well as the kids I'm a mom to!

Oh but it gets even better. See the sign? Free scoops of ice cream for all moms on Mother's Day. I knew I loved Ben and Jerry's for a reason! :)

Wandering around the town was like an afternoon in a picture-perfect postcard. Loved seeing families together, moms with their kids, being treated to a day out. Lovely.

After my explorations there, I headed out towards the coastline to see what it looked like. I definitely wasn't disappointed!

Somehow I ended up at Goat Island!

Little did I know until I got home and read up about it, that this lighthouse was the last one to be manned in Maine, and one of the last in the entire United States to have a keeper. It remained staffed until the fall of 1990.

Today the lighthouse is still in use, though fully automated so no one lives out there full time.

Since I'd come all that way, I knew I should make one last stop here to see if anyone was at home.

Bush compound on Walker Point

Recognize it? Unfortunately George and Barbara weren't home, and neither were George W and Laura. I had to settle for just waving to the security guards who are probably over there looking at me! :)

While I would definitely rather be with my kids or my own mom on Mother's Day, I'm thankful for a beautiful day to think about them.

"Thank you Lord for the privilege of having children, and being a daughter!"


  1. I love that you did this! Wish I could have joined you!

  2. You chose to find the beauty and delight in your circumstances and oh, how your Father blessed you. Love these picturesque glimpses of your day, dear friend. Love you much.

  3. Too funny that as I was reading this blog post I was going to ask you if you had stopped by to see Geo and Babbs in Kennebunkport but I see you did stop by and ring the door bell!