Friday, May 2, 2014

JV Spring Conference 2014

I've been sitting here at my computer for several minutes, just staring at the photo below.

Do you know how wonderful it is to be back with these precious people? This is our JV family! Oh how I love them!

Actually, this isn't even all of us.

Our annual spring conference is designed for the Josiah Venture North American families, country leaders (some of whom are nationals), and our leadership team which is multicultural.

In the fall, we'll have our annual leadership conference which brings in the national partners, including our staff who are involved in training young leaders, as well as some of those young leaders.

Some of us in the photo above will be at that conference as well, but there's a big group that won't be.

Guess who that is?

That's our JVK: JV Kids!! There are around 100 JVK at this spring conference...and a small army of people to love, care, teach and instruct them! They won't be at the fall conference, but we sure love having them at our family conference!

We're having an absolutely fantastic week together, and I'm soaking in every bit of it since we've been gone for the past nine months.

So grateful for these men, women and children who are all about sharing their lives and the Gospel with thousands of young people throughout Central and Eastern Europe!

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  1. SO MANY JVK!!! That's crazy...and fantastic, of course! Ah - miss everyone in JV!