Friday, May 16, 2014

Last Day Alone

On my last day alone here in New Hampshire, before I pick up Dave in Boston tomorrow, I decided to take a walk that I've been meaning to go on ever since we were here last fall.

The physical therapist I saw yesterday said it would be good to take a short walk on pavement (not anywhere unstable so my knee would be safer) so off I went to visit the Fuller Gardens, a turn of the century botanical garden just around the corner from where I'm staying.

I kept seeing it last fall when I'd walk near here, but never took the time to stop. That changed today.

There wasn't a single person in sight the whole time I wandered the garden. But oh the sights, sounds, smells and spring colors! These are completely untouched photos...just what my camera captured.

Even though the flowers weren't in bloom yet, it was blissfully lovely and peaceful as I took my time walking through.

I wasn't completely alone in the garden though. Captured this little guy before he skittered away!

Staying true to the PT's advice to walk very slowly, I even captured this pretty one after watching her hunt for worms in the damp ground.

And observed this little one for a while as it enjoyed the view!

The Garden was having a plant sale, though there was not a clerk in sight even if I HAD wanted to buy something! If I lived here though, I would've found someone as they all looked so robust and ready for a spot in my own garden.

Spring has arrived just this week while I've been here. It's incredibly delightful to watch the blossoms arrive on the trees for the fourth month in a row. We started seeing spring arrive back in February when we traveled down south.

What a treat to watch it arrive in February, March, April and May across the entire United States!

My time alone this week has been sweet. But I also realized again how much I love people so just a week alone is enough! I'll be glad to pick up Dave tomorrow and hear about his adventures this week!


  1. Love the picture of the bird in flight! The entire garden looks like a wonderful place to walk around and to be still for a while too!

  2. I love that you ventured out and found such a lovely surprise in the garden! And I LOVE the picture of you by the water…so so pretty and peaceful.

  3. So glad to "come along" with you on your walk. I love how you said you love your alone time that it definitely has it's limits. Glad you get to hear all about Dave's week tomorrow. Oh, how I'd love to be a bird on your shoulder for that conversation!

  4. We both have had quite the adventures in the past two years, haven't we? :)