Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Different Blog

For a change of pace, I headed into Portsmouth to Barnes and Noble today.

Not so I could look at or read books, but so I could write a blog post.

For a different blog.

Beginning soon, there will be a wonderful series of posts on our Josiah Venture blog (did you know we had one?!) to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

I have the privilege of writing the first one.

One of our JV missionary kids, Amy Nickerson, who lived in Poland with her family and has now graduated from college, will be writing many more of the posts and in fact, already has some of them done!

So bookmark THIS LINK and stay tuned for some really exciting posts that not only tell the story of JV, but share testimonies and news about what God is doing in Central and Eastern Europe.


  1. Can't wait to read them all! :) It'll be like reading a small piece of my story too... written by someone else!

  2. This will be a wonderful way to keep up with people & stories. Great idea.

    I love Amy's writing - I know she'll do a good job this summer. What a fun detail to have her involved with this project.