Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Coffee and Goodbyes

On my last day in the States, what could be better than going out for breakfast with my girl?!

With snowflakes gently falling, we walked from Moody to Fabcakes, a great new cafe owned and run by a woman from Poland.

Her food is tasty, healthy, creative and fresh. The coffee possibilities were delightful as well. I can recommend the Vanilla Rose latte!

An hour and a half went by all too quickly before it was time for Claire to return to class and take an exam in philosophy.

Dave was waiting in the Commons at Moody so he could say goodbye to Claire. I snapped a picture of them together and then off she went. As far as we know, we won't see her again until July. Yes, my mama's heart felt a big tug of emotion as she left. Goodbyes are never easy.

We headed upstairs to Joe's, the coffee shop that Caleb works at Moody. He lovingly treated us to coffee from his tip jar. How nice is that?!

But all too soon it was time to say another goodbye. Thankfully we'll see these two a little sooner since they've just been accepted with JV to do an internship this summer!

They will be out at the end of May for intern training at Malenovice before they head to Bulgaria where they'll spend the summer sharing Jesus with young people You can read about what they'll be doing, as well as their support needs HERE. We are so excited that they want to serve with our JV family!

Dave and I then headed off to the airport where we are right now, waiting for our flight home.

This has been such a rich, full, special time here in the States these past two weeks. I'm grateful for all the face to face time we had with so many dear people, and leave a part of my heart here with all of them.

Yet I know, and love, that our place is back in Czech and we're anxious to reengage with all the Lord has for us there.

But I won't kid you. There was a bit of wistfulness as I took one last look at Moody and Chicago, knowing that some of my most precious ones are in this part of the world.

While I wish that I could see our five children more often, I know they are where they need to be. And we are too. So I trust the Lord with that. And feel grateful that we had this sweet time together.

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  1. Glad we got this last morning together! That was a perfect morning outing! :) And I'm glad you're in Czech. It's comforting to know home will always be found there!