Thursday, February 26, 2015

For Fun: Throwback Thursday

Today is the eighth day I've had this flu bug.

While most of the symptoms are gone, I'm really weak. My body is taking its time in recovering, that's for sure. I'm sleeping long hours at night, with naps included during the day (something I never do!) and don't have much energy or strength. So I'm following the advice of many and just resting at home. I haven't been out of the house since I got sick last Wednesday.

This week someone asked me for photos of the early days of English camps so I went upstairs to dig through photo albums to see what I could find today. While I found a few of those photos, I found some others as well!

Claire was three and a half during this ski trip to Slovakia many years ago!

Since it snowed here last night, these skiing pictures seemed appropriate for this Thursday's throwback.

What a little cutie!

Love and miss you Clairey! Those were sweet days of your childhood here in Czech!

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  1. This sure brings back memories! All wonderful ones. Thank you for letting me ski when I was 3. If I hadn't learned then, I probably would have been too scared to later! Haha. Now I LOVE skiing! Hey, wanna build a snowcat next Christmas? :D