Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Courageous Missionaries

After a nine and a half hour flight from Chicago to Vienna, and then a four hour drive, we safely arrived home this afternoon. It sure felt good to pick up our little doggy, get a few groceries from the store, and drive to our house.

No matter how good a trip is, it's always good to get home.

After just a couple hours of unpacking, Dave and I headed up to Malenovice for a very special evening.

This week is orientation for JV staff who are nationals. Coming from Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine, these nineteen new missionaries will be serving as missionaries in their own countries.

Dave shared the JV story, vision and mission with them, and then together we had a question and answer time.

We are so proud of these dear ones who are courageously trusting the Lord as they move towards full time ministry with our team.

Please pray for them! They don't have the challenge of learning a language or operating in an unknown culture. They don't have to learn their way around, or struggle to find things in stores. And they already have relationships with people.

What they don't have is a network of people who will support them. Fundraising for missions is a fairly new concept in Central and Eastern Europe so people are not used to giving towards it. It's a huge challenge when they are obedient to God's call on their life.

Despite that, they're stepping out in faith believing God has called them to His work of reaching young people with the Gospel. We're so encouraged by their faith.

If you are interested in supporting one of these courageous believers, you can click on their names below and it will take you to their bio on the JV website. Not all of them are on the website yet so for now I'll just include those who are. Thanks for considering an investment, no matter how small, in one or two of them!

Jene Pospisil
Ondra Szturc
Filip Szturc

Indrek Tambek

Anna Racenaja

Sara Wala

Daniel Harcar
Lenka Simockova

My friend and JV teammate, Shay, wrote a great blog post from his perspective about these brave ones. Take a look at it HERE.

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