Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Real Life

One of the things that means the most when we visit friends is getting to enter into real life with them.

Things like taking in a morning sunrise in their part of this beautiful country, and enjoying a long and delightful conversation over a leisurely breakfast: these are the gifts of real life. What a special treat with my friend Polly.

Dave happily entered into real life on the slopes with Steve at Jackson Hole. They had such a good day together as they skied those challenging runs.

We got to be part of their son's day too as he was on the slopes for ski school while the guys were skiing.

We even got to meet "Big Dave", the fabulous kid's ski instructor who is doing an amazing job at not only teaching skiing, but at building confidence and character into his little student's lives.

Later in the day we had the joy of celebrating an accomplishment with our friends' older son, who "made the wall" by having participated in his karate club for three years in a row! I loved that we got to be there for that award.

Those are the ordinary, yet special, moments of real life that God made possible for us to be a part of while we're here in Jackson.

Not only that, but he let me see moose three different times! A "baby" and his mama were just laying on the side of the road yesterday, taking a little break I guess!

Later on we drove by and the baby was moving around, eating off the trees. He (or she!) stopped to check me out when I starting taking pictures. I was so close!

Then today Polly and I were driving near her house and this big guy was on the side of the road.

He sure was checking me out as I snapped pictures of him. He's kind of handsome, don't you think??

It's been so good to be here in Jackson with our friends, sharing in their lives and enjoying a slice of real life with them.


  1. Oh Connie!!!! what's the pictures!!! So beautiful... Picture of the mountain, your cute white sweater, Dave enjoying his new googles, great mountain and winter atmosphere and those moooooose... I love those animals sooo much and to see them just so in the nature amazing!!!! enjoy time with your friends...Love you I.

  2. Mooses! Moosen! Meese? Moose?! Those moose are wonderful. Love these photos of a place that is dear to my heart now!