Monday, February 2, 2015

She Means the World to Us

Down this street lives a very sweet friend of ours. Can you spot her?

She goes to Fusion, is a BMA student, a friend of Claire's, and a special person in our lives. Why?

Well besides being just darling and so fun to talk to, she is is our beloved doggy sitter!

Oh I wish you could see how excited our dog gets when it's time to go to El's house! Seriously, I think going there is like going to camp, and vacation, and visiting her best friend, all rolled into one happy event!

El takes such loving care of Kaylee for us when we have to be gone. Really, I don't think Kaylee misses us all that much because she has such a good time with her!

"THANK YOU EL!!! I always tell you this but I'll say it again: it means the world to us that you take such good care of Kaylee! I hope you two have a good couple of weeks together!"


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  2. I'm so happy that you have the perfect sitter for Kaylee! Now you can feel settled while being away. Yay God!