Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where Did That Come From?

Sitting on the plane yesterday as we flew from Chicago to Vienna, I literally felt a full-blown cold come on me in just a matter of minutes.

What a strange feeling it was to go from feeling completely healthy to being miserable. If only you could peek inside your body and see how that happens so quickly.

I managed to make it through our time last night at national missionary orientation, but today has included a lot of time in bed, multiple cups of tea, Sudafed, Aleve and perhaps the best remedy of all: chicken soup.

Don't worry, I'm not doing any food photography today. It's just an image I found online, but I'll give credit HERE. I didn't use their recipe, but it looks like a good one.

Seriously, I am so glad the Lord prompted me yesterday to get the fixings for soup when I was at the store. All I had to do was throw the ingredients in a pot and let it simmer for hours today. It definitely hit the spot tonight.

I'm feeling worse right now, but am heading to bed in hopes my body will skip jet lag and just let me sleep off this cold. Despite feeling so rotten right now, I'm infinitely grateful to the Lord for keeping me so well during our two weeks in the States. It would've been a huge bummer to have been sick like this during that time.

God knew what I needed then, and knows what I need now.

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  1. Oh honey! I'm so sad for you. I imagine with as hard as you were going while in the States that it caught up with you. I'm reminiscing in my heart and mind right now, thinking back to just one week ago when we had a perfect day in Portland together! Praying for a speedy recovery. :o)