Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome Home Baby Girl

On one of the prettiest winter days thus far, a little somebody got to come home.

Meet our newest neighbor, Olivia Kristiana!

Yesterday afternoon, this precious one came home to the apartment at our house where she now lives with her mom, dad and two brothers.

This is the little one that I was at the hospital with a few days ago when she was born.

I wasn't expecting to be home when she and her mom were released from the hospital, but they were doing so well that they came home early. I'm so glad we were still here for such a joyous occasion!

We've known Olivia's dad and mom for many years (Dave led her dad to Christ, and was even the one who married them back in 2009), and they've been living at our house for nearly three years since they began serving with JV.

It's a lot of fun to have this sweet family living so close to us.

On the way home from the hospital they wanted to drive up to Malenovice because they knew it would be beautiful today.

And it was!

But unfortunately it was also very icy driving up and they got stuck. Thankfully I was home when Pavel called and asked if I could come and rescue the girls, which I was all too happy to do!

We're just a five minute drive away so I quickly grabbed my coat and camera and rushed up there.

And now Olivia has her first photo at Malenovice, a place that will become very well known to her in years to come, as it is to all of us!

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