Friday, February 13, 2015

Destination: Downtown Portland

An Oregonian at heart since I grew up there, I always feel sentimental when I come back.

Dave and I landed in Portland yesterday, to be here for less than 48 hours. Since everything we needed to do is downtown, we decided not to rent a car but to take Portland's light rail, the Max.

It's crazy to have lived and visited here for many, many years, but never have ridden on it. There's always a first day for everything!

We landed on a spectacular February day in Oregon: warm, blue skies and sunny. The view flying in was gorgeous, and it felt like spring when we stepped onto the Max.

Flying in we had a perfect view of Mt. Hood, the highest mountain in Oregon. It's a comforting sight to me, and visible from the light rail as well.

I stood at the window, hoping for one good glimpse of it from the train. Finally, I was rewarded!

Portland has great memories for Dave too as he went to Multnomah Bible School back in the 80's. It was fun to travel into the city together talking about some of those memories.

Of course things have changed over the years in Portland, such as the new (to me anyway! It opened in 1995!) Rose Quarter Moda Center where the Trailblazer's now play. Fun to see it from the train. I still have memories of the old Memorial Coliseum where they used to play.

Passing over the Willamette River, I could see the Fremont bridge in the distance.

I remember the day in 1973 when they floated the arch down the river on a barge and put it in place by using 32 hydraulic jacks to lift it up. Quite a feat, and fun to see that lovely arch still standing.

Finally we arrived downtown to Pioneer Square and got off the MAX in the heart of Portland.

For $2.50, it's a bargain trip!

We wandered around a little bit, enjoying the spring-like day in the center of the city.

It's fun to be here for at least a few hours!

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