Monday, February 23, 2015

JV Men in the Alps

Ever see a picture that perfectly describes you? That's how I've felt for the past five days.

I took that photo off of Dave's phone tonight when he returned from being gone to Hallstatt, Austria this week-end.

He spent four days with our JV single men on a retreat, speaking to them about five pledges that can make you a mighty man. Sounds interesting!

He says they had an awesome time together talking about the Lord, snow-shoeing in the Alps and just having guy time.

Though it was a hard week-end at home for me with being sick, I'm so glad Dave could make that investment in our JV men.

Finally today I'm starting to feel a little better, though can feel the result of five days of this nasty flu bug. I'll lay low for the next few days to make sure I recover all the way.

Pray for Dave though! He's starting to feel the same symptoms as me. And he's due to leave for Estonia on Wednesday morning.

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  1. those pictures are amazing!!! if Dave will be worse tonight, maybe will be better to stay home... anyway I will pray for him...I am so happy you feel better than snowman finally! Love U... Ingrid