Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cords of Friendship

Over the border and through the woods, to Karczma u Karola we go.

In this darling restaurant over the border in Wisla, Poland, we met up with dear friends for a special reason today.

A certain sweet young woman is nearing her 22nd birthday, and she wanted her favorite borscht soup at this restaurant before heading back to the States.

Put those two things together and you get a birthday celebration we were only too happy to join in on!

No birthday celebration is ever complete in our families without the "giving of words", which we all happily gave to Hayley today. There is much to celebrate and honor in this faith-filled, trusting, loyal, beloved young woman.

The health trials she has lived through these past few years have shown that her faith is truly genuine. Tested as only the fire of trials tests, Hayley has been purified as gold and come through with faith that has proven to be strong through these trials.

Oh how we all admire and love the faith, depth of trust and love for the Lord she has displayed.

We believe much praise, glory and honor to the Lord is being brought to him through this precious girl's life.

"Hayley, we're so glad we know you and have had the privilege of being in your life for 19 years. We look forward to all the years still ahead that we get to 'do life' with you, even if sometimes it's from afar!"

After our sweet afternoon together, these two had to say goodbye for now. Though they don't know when they'll see each other again, their hearts and friendship are intertwined for a lifetime.

SO thankful for the cords of friendship that bind them together!

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