Wednesday, January 20, 2016


On a cold January day in Germany twenty three years ago, this adventure loving boy came into the world and has been living with zest, joy, boldness and courage ever since!

All of life is, and always has been, an opportunity for adventure for our Caleb. As evidenced here, if there is a pile of dirt, he will find a way to make something really cool out of it...metaphorically and literally speaking!

Not only does he take the high road to adventure, but he loves to work hard.

A difficult hike in the mountains, a steep hill to climb, a wood pile to be chopped...he'll work at it until it's done and accomplished. And have fun doing it!

Along with that, he's not afraid to try new things. In fact, he throws his whole heart into it when he decides there is a skill or talent to develop. Like when he decided, having never known anyone else who played, that he would learn the saxophone. Those were fun days watching him learn, and he's actually good at it!

These are just some of the things I love, value and appreciate about our Caleb! He's brought joy and laughter, displayed strength and wisdom, shown depth and maturity, and blessed our lives immensely with his happy and kind spirit.

And on this day, his 23rd birthday, I'm celebrating all of who he is! I thank the Lord for the privilege of watching this dear boy grow into the strong man he is today, and pray for much blessing from the Lord in this coming year.

"I love you so much Caleb!!"

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