Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Things

In a note to wish me a happy new year, a friend recently wrote saying she tries to do one absolutely new thing every year.

It made me think to myself, "Do I ever do something completely new??"

Well, I'm off to a great start for 2016 as I'm in the middle of two new things right now!

I took myself to the mall today so I could work on the last of my edits for Dave's book (my first "new thing" being that I'm someone else's book editor - ha! I'm not his only one, but I'm having fun doing one last proofing before it goes in for professional grammatical edits).

His book is getting close to publication, finally. We hope to have both of our books available this spring.

The second new thing is one you'll have to take my word for, as it's not evidenced by my photos today (which are simply cell phone shots).

I'm learning Photoshop, a photo editing software program I've admired from afar, but never had the courage to learn until now.

It's a powerful tool and will take some time for me to feel comfortable and "at home" with it. But I'm determined to do it this year! Photos are so important for me since they capture moments, memories, faces, landscapes and events of people and places that I value and don't want to forget.

For now I'll probably just have cell phone photos to post until I'm courageous enough to post my new edited shots!

These three sweeties, reunited again today at the mall! Claire, Hayley, Magda

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