Monday, January 4, 2016

Passage of Time

Giving Lucy Rose a big hug today when we stopped by to visit, I remarked, "This is a momentous day! It's the last time I'll come over to see you at your house while you're an unmarried woman!"

Claire's dear childhood friend who also grew up in Czech (her parents are missionaries here) lives in the States now (but is home for Christmas), and is engaged to be married this summer in Chicago. So the next time she's back here in Czech, she'll be a married woman.

Being at her house today to visit was one of those precious "passage of time" moments where you see, almost as a film, the change from little girls to young women. I remember the very first time when Claire and Lucy Rose met when LR's family moved here over eleven years ago. And now here they are, two adult young women beautifully moving forward into what God has for their lives.

Oh what joy to have watched that dear young girl grow up into such a delightful woman. And what a good wife she will be, just like her mama is!

"I love you Lucy Rose! And I'm very excited about the new chapter of life ahead of you!"

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