Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Praying for Problems

On a cold snowy morning here in the Beskydy mountains, I drove up to Malenovice...

...to be warmed up by a "Super Good Morning", a 'once a year' gathering with our KAM and JV international support team who serve and live in this region of Czech.

After a wonderful breakfast prepared by the hotel staff, and lots of good fellowship and conversation, we entered into sensitive and meaningful worship. Especially precious during that time was the presence of a young violinist, the daughter of Bogdan (not pictured) and his wife, Martina (singing on the left) who serve with KAM.

With no notes, just a tender heart for the Lord, and a gift for playing her violin, she added such a special touch to our praise and worship this morning.

I didn't have a wide enough lens to take in all those who were there for our Super Good Morning--around fifty, I think-- but it was certainly a warm atmosphere with such an amazing group of God's servants who are giving their all to bring the presence and message of Christ in and to this country.

Dave shared his thoughts and vision for the coming year of 2016, which he has great expectation and anticipation for. We continue to press forward in hope and prayer for greater fruit for God's Kingdom across this region this year.

But that's not all we hope and pray for.

He ended by sharing several quotes, with this being my favorite:

"Pray for problems you cannot solve, that way when God solves them you will walk by faith. Most people do not walk by faith because they can solve their own problems. When God solves a problem only He can solve, you will walk by faith." ~Frank Drown, missionary in Ecuador many years ago

We don't want to be doing ministry that is in any way explainable by our human efforts. Rather, we want to see God do the impossible, solve problems that are unsolvable short of his intervention, and bring revival to this land. That way he gets all the glory and it's clear that it's HIS work, not anyone else's.

So here's to a year of praying for problems that we can't solve, to believing God for the impossible and to giving God all the credit when he shows himself mighty and powerful to do the impossible!

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  1. The Drown family go way back with my mother's family! Great quote and so good to be reminded of that strong missionary family!