Saturday, January 9, 2016

One Hundred Years

Nearly three hundred years ago, the Moravian Community began a round-the-clock “prayer watch” in Herrnhut, Saxony (which is today, Germany) in 1727. 

That 24 hour prayer watch lasted over a hundred years.

And resulted in one of the greatest missionary movements ever. 

Moravian missionaries brought the Gospel to far off places like the West Indies, Greenland, Turkey and Lapland, and to North America. All at great personal cost, they experienced hardships such as prison, shipwreck, persecution, ridicule, plague, poverty and threats of death. But the fruit of their service and their prayers lives on to this day.

We feel a connection to the Moravian Community because the original members came from several small towns near where we live. And this week, we connected into their prayer watch for three days of 24 hour prayer up at Malenovice.

Believing God for the impossible.

KAM (our Czech JV team) organized this wonderful event for the second year in a row, asking all of us who live nearby to join in filling 72 one-hour slots of prayer down here in our prayer room. (We're not so brave to start a one hundred year prayer chain!)

Several years ago I wrote about something special being prepared at our newest Malenovice building, Malenka, but don't think I ever wrote about it again! But it is indeed, one of THE most special parts about this place. It's our prayer chapel, a place set aside just for prayer. I absolutely love this room.

The team did a fantastic job of preparing it for this particular prayer event, placing these sorts of prayer "prompts" around the room to give us specifics on what to pray for.

I especially loved praying for specific people, either ones that I knew and wrote down, or for ones that others posted on the pieces of paper. My heart just ached for the names of non-believers I prayed for, and rejoiced over the names of KAM/JV staff and church leaders across this nation who are giving fully of themselves to do God's work. 

I feel deeply privileged to be a part of this work, and have on my heart a desire to pray more this year for God's work and will to be done here. 

Please join with us in praying for a movement of God, one like the Moravians started all those years ago: a calling of people to the Lord, that they would know him, love him and serve him with all their hearts.

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  1. I would love to learn more about the Moravian missionaries. They influenced Sweden and out of that revival the Evangelical Covenant Church was birthed. I am going to start a new position as a missions coordinator at Arvada Covenant Church and I hope to make prayer a priority of that new position. Thanks for the inspiration!