Friday, January 22, 2016

God's Design for Marriage

 My heart is unbelievably full as I look at these dearly loved people.

We wrapped up our Josiah Venture marriage conference this afternoon, ending four days together learning, discussing and living out God's design for marriage. As you can see from the smiles on their faces, these couples are happy to have spent time with their spouses this week!

All week, they bravely jumped into issues in their marriages and worked hard to resolve difficulties and conflicts. That's not easy to do, and some would say there is no way you could have significant breakthroughs in just a few days.

But this group willingly engaged and persevered, which resulted in some very deep changes. There are some who said they had breakthroughs on issues they've been wrestling with for years. We absolutely praise God for this.

As Dave prayed for all of our couples this afternoon, he asked that the riches of Christ would flow through their marriages to everyone around them. How we long for that to be true!

God used this group of people in deeply significant ways to move our couples in that direction.

How thankful we are for servant-hearted counselor/coaches who met with all of our couples to listen and give input to how they can have more God-honoring and deeply meaningful marriages. SO thankful for this selfless group who gave their all this week.

And then there are some others who blessed us as well!

These precious four came from Slovakia to care for our tiniest missionary kids. While parents were in sessions all morning, and in the afternoon, these four lovingly, kindly and tenderly cared for SEVEN babies!

Thank you Monika, Julie, Andrea and Tania! You blessed us all far more than you can ever know!

And last, three more significant women brought their gifts and talents to serve some of our couples this week.

Thank you Annie, Zuzi and Sara for your unbelievable simultaneous translation into Czech and Polish during each session, making it possible for the couples that needed that to fully gain all they could from the conference.

This has been a powerful week here in Krakow, one that we will never forget. May the progress made in marriages continue to bear fruit and bring about much joy in the lives of our dear couples!


  1. What a great week! Thank you so much!

  2. Would enjoy this in Perth. Need is so great people don't even know its a need. Pastor Matthew Munn