Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making the Investment

While it's cold outside here in Krakow during our Josiah Venture marriage conference, it's anything but that inside.

Especially on the day we're talking about passion and romance from the Song of Solomon!

"You should fight for romantic, passionate love because it's an anchor for your marriage. It protects and secures your marriage, creating glue between you."

"Passionate love doesn't occur by accident. Like any fire, there are things that fan and fuel it, and other influences that starve and extinguish it. Every fire needs tending. Fight to find your way back to passion, the way God intended and created it to be." ~Dave

While we're in our track with the group above, having a great time talking about all the riches that are found in safeguarding and building into our marriages, the other group is doing the same.

These couples have already been through the foundational teaching with Dave at one of our last two conferences, so they're working on further refinement of their marriages.

Through teaching from two of our JV couples and some of our marriage coaches from the States, they're gaining new insights and tools into how to continue building strong, passionate, God honoring marriages that bless them, and everyone around them.

Tomorrow we'll finish our conference, talking about how to "tend the garden" of our marriages in the midst of demands and pressures.

Dave and I are extremely passionate about our own marriage. In the midst of many demands of life over the years, it's been a great priority to us. We personally know it takes much time, effort and investment to go from a good, ordinary marriage to a great and extraordinary one. And we want more of that for ourselves, and for each of our JV couples!

That's why we're making such an investment in them this week.

We pray for ourselves and our fellow married friends here, that we will:

~ Follow God's biblical design for marriage steadfastly in the months and years to come

~ Experience more deeply the profound mystery of becoming one flesh

~ Wholeheartedly live out our God given roles

~ Fight to keep passion burning

~ And be transformed more into the image of Christ through our marriages

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