Monday, January 25, 2016

Unsung Heroes

While many of our Josiah Venture married couples were in Krakow last week for the marriage conference, there were some very special people standing in the gap with their kids.

One hundred and forty kids, to be exact!

Many of our single JV missionaries kindly, willingly and lovingly took on the load of caring for kids of all ages.

Several grandmas of our North American missionaries flew over from the States to be with their grandchildren. And of course there were local grandmas and grandpas staying with kids of our national missionaries.

All week I loved seeing photos come through on Facebook and Instagram of baby/kid-sitters having fun with their little charges. What an investment they made in these dear kids!

Grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles, and our single JV missionaries are the unsung heroes of last week's blessed conference.

Were it not for them stepping in to provide love and care, the parents of these kids could not have made the significant investments in their marriages that they did.

To all of you who served our married couples: "I'm sure you heard heartfelt thanks from the parents of the kids you stayed with, but I too am sending out huge "thank you's", with all my heart, for blessing these families by your sacrifice last week. You are THE BEST!!!!!

May you be richly rewarded by the Lord for your kind service!!"

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  1. Ah, my heart! I'm so proud of those JVK, and thankful for those who are serving and loving them! I'm not there anymore, but thank you to all those who poured into those kids this past week!