Thursday, April 14, 2016

Five Months

I missed it by a few days, but how can I resist posting five month pictures of our Judah when he is this cute?! :)

The 11th of each month is his birthday, but since we can't be there with him to celebrate his milestones (he lives with his mom and dad near Chicago!), Tyler and Lara are beyond kind and indulgent, doing such a great job of sending pictures to us adoring grandparents so we can at least enjoy those milestones from a distance.

Like today, when he was at the park in a swing for the first time.

And yesterday's milestone of eating solids for the first time, like a champ!

We'll make it to Chicago to see him the day after his 6th month birthday in May, so stay tuned for Nonnie's pictures of Judah at his half year mark!

Until then, I'm SO grateful to share in these sweet milestones through pictures that Tyler and Lara send to us. I mean, who wouldn't love getting this picture sent to them?! :)

Thank you Tyler and Lara for giving us nearly daily windows into your precious boy's life! It means the world to us!!!

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