Friday, April 15, 2016

My Sunshine

Today is one of those days where I'm feeling the distance from my girl.

Claire and Judah yesterday in Highland Park, IL

She is nearly at the end of her most difficult (and yet richest) semester thus far at Moody, and it's pressing her to the edges in terms of time, energy and emotion. She has so much on her plate, both with school things and figuring out life things (like getting a US driver's license before summer).

I WISH I COULD BE THERE FOR HER!! It's these kinds of times when it's hard to live an ocean away from my kids. I wish I could make her dinner, do her laundry, take her shopping, or figure out some of the details that would take a load off her.

Instead, I pray for her, and I text her. Things like this:

"Two things come to mind in light of this demanding stretch: the Lord has resources (aka manna) prepared for you that you wouldn't otherwise know about unless you were in need; and second, in four weeks this will all be behind's nice to remember that these kinds of pressure seasons don't last forever. So be on the lookout for manna and keep your eyes to future."

But in the midst of all this pressure, she still maintains such a sweet spirit and deep trust in the Lord. That brings me so much delight, knowing she's walking with Him through these stretching days. And when all is said and done, it's much better for HIM to meet her needs than me anyway. I just wish I could help Him and her out! :)

Do you ever click on those funny little tests on Facebook? Every once in a while I do because I'm pretty sure it's going to make me smile. And this one definitely did.

Yes, despite a grueling schedule, many demands and lots of things to accomplish before the end of her semester, she still has sunshine in her soul.

And she's still MY sunshine!

I'm praying for you Claire, that the Lord will uphold you and be your strength during these days and weeks before the semester ends!