Monday, April 25, 2016

Her Majesty, the Bura

Borrowing the phrase for my title from another website's post, we're in the midst of a certain phenomenon here on Hvar. More on that in a second!

With Dave studying for the six session he'll teach at our upcoming Josiah Venture spring conference in two weeks, and me reviewing the final edits of my book, this is pretty much what life looks like here on Hvar right now. Not an exciting photo, but real life!

At least one of the three of us is getting in some good snoozing! See who's getting in a nap??

Dave and I had to run errands earlier today so I snapped a couple of photos outside as we walked by.

If you've ever been to Croatia, or read my blog, you know about the "bura", a special type of storm that occurs here.

What you can't see well in these photos is the fierce northern to north-eastern katabatic wind in the Adriatic known as the bura, which has been blowing the past few days. It can bring in some fierce weather including wind, rain and cold at this time of year, and we've been right in the midst of it trying to stay warm.

There is a certain beauty to the bura, not to mention that it's known for blowing out all sorts of viruses and bacteria from the air, leaving it pure and clean. As long as you can stay inside until it passes, it's a rather wonderful phenomenon to experience from the inside looking out! Perhaps the bura will pass before we leave and we'll get to see some spectacularly clear air afterward.

If you want to see some videos and read a bit more about the bura, check out this link HERE that tells about it last month in Croatia!

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  1. Oh how glad I am that I'm not there with you right now. Abba Father and Jesus sure blessed us with re-steering our plans! Love you....