Saturday, April 23, 2016

Traveling Days

With the back of the car completely filled, Kaylee looks a little less than thrilled to be squeezed into the front seat with me.

But if she'd open her eyes, she would have quite a view out the window.

We left home yesterday morning bright and early and enjoyed a feast for the eyes as we passed the glowing canola fields in Czech. When the crop rotation brings these dazzling fields to us every few years, I am so happy! The incredible carpet of color fills the landscape as we drive.

But that's not the only lovely sight. From our moving car I caught this beautiful moment too.

Continuing on, we headed for the border which means driving past the Mikulov castle, first built in the 13th century. As we drive by, I smile thinking how our daughter, Claire, would love to see this as it's a favorite sight of hers.

We drive on, over the border into Austria. They too have the glowing fields.

And spring planting has begun! What a gorgeous day for a drive.

With a long day of travel ahead of us, this little one wonders how much longer she'll be on mom's lap! Sorry to say, we've got quite a few more hours ahead of us.

We made a stop to pick up yet another round of necessary items for the house in Hvar, in order for it to be ready to rent out to guests this summer.

As I watch Dave repacking the car in order to fit everything in he jokingly says, "What? You think I can't get everything in?"

Do you see why I'm wondering if it will all fit??!! :)

Amazingly, it did. Dave has seriously good packing skills!

We continued on down south and ended our day of travel in Split, Croatia where we had the joy of spending the night with our JV staff there, John and Amber Hinger. Oh the joy of swapping stories late into the night of God's work and faithfulness!

We're now on the ferry, headed over to Hvar where Dave will spend the week preparing his talks for JV Spring conference. In two weeks, over 300 of our missionaries and their families will gather at Malenovice for five much-anticipated days together of enrichment, encouragement and fellowship.

Dave is looking forward to digging into God's Word over these next few days as he studies for his theme: Milk and Honey - How to Not Get Lost on the Way to the Promised Land!

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