Sunday, April 17, 2016

What a Day This Has Been

Not long ago I was reminiscing with a friend about our high school days and the subject came up of musicals that we were in many years ago.

Lo and behold, he too was in "Brigadoon", a rather obscure musical that my high school in Washington, and his in Texas, performed! We laughed as we burst out singing the only song either of can remember: "What a day this has been, what a rare good mood I'm in, why it's almost like being in love!"

While it's not rare for me to be in a good mood (call me optimistic!) today was one of those days where it was just pure goodness from beginning to end.

After an excellent service at church where Dave preached on our series out of Proverbs, we headed to lunch with some of our dear, longtime friends.

Paul and Sharon moved here twelve years ago to join BMA, the high school that our kids attended. What a great day that was for many when these two, and their family, came to be part of our world! They brought innumerable gifts and talents to not only the school, but to our church and community in Frydlant. We love and appreciate them so very much, and treasure our friendship all these years!

Spring seems to have finally come to this part of the world, and another beautiful part of the day was a glorious manifestation of that fact.

Bright green, neon yellow, cool blue, tender white...just a few of the colors found on my walk this afternoon.

Every four or five years all the fields around us are planted with canola, and this is the year!

It looks like the neon yellow flowers will burst forth anytime this week, not to mention the sweet smell that accompanies the color. I can't wait to see those fields in all their glory.

Lysa Hora (the inspiration for my blog...Living by LYSA!) was in her glory today too, surrounded by billowing clouds with bright spring colors to frame her. Oh so lovely!

And finally my day ended with pure delight...a FaceTime with my precious little friend from Jackson!

She played the piano for me, read to me, showed me treasures from her spring break trip, and just let me, her adopted aunt, be part of life for an hour this evening. What a sweet ending to my day.

Yes indeed, 'what a day this has been'!

And above all, I'm basking in the Lord's love and kindness for bestowing on me such a day full of His richness and goodness.

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