Tuesday, April 5, 2016

On the Autobahn

Driving down the autobahn in Austria on our way home to Czech, happily chatting with each other, Dave suddenly cried out, "What was that???"

We drifted to the side of the road, having lost power in the car. Dave got out the safety vest and emergency triangle and headed down the road to set it up.

He came back around and opened the hood to take a look at what he could see. While there had been no warning, no loud noises, and there was no smoke or sign of damage, Dave had a bad feeling about it.

Since I could do nothing but document this strange set of events, I just kept taking pictures.

He called our insurance in Czech to see about getting the car towed to a service garage, and making arrangements for us to spend the night (thankfully, part of our benefits!).

Kaylee sensed something unusual was going on and looked like she wanted to say something the whole time!

Needing to tell our insurance company where we were, Dave had to walk down the highway until he reached a mile marker to be able to say for sure. For some reason our GPS wouldn't allow us to see our exact location. Seems like that would be a great feature on it!

And then we settled in to wait.

An hour and a half later, a happy sight in bright yellow arrived.

Pulling us up onto the bed of the tow truck, we stayed in our car for the ride to a garage in Graz, Austria.

Because it was after hours, we could only leave the car there and head to our hotel for the night.

Waiting at a gas station for our taxi to arrive (impressively arranged by our insurance company in Czech!), we could do nothing more than laugh and say to ourselves "OF COURSE this would happen!"

Dave is due to speak at JV's largest leadership training event in Slovakia that begins Thursday night at 7 PM. We've got a little less than 48 hours to see what God does with this situation.

Until then, Dave contentedly reads "Out of the Silent Planet" on his Kindle app!

We KNOW God knows and has a plan for us. And that these kinds of things shouldn't surprise us. So we're praying, trusting and thanking God for this, expecting to see His hand guide us through.

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