Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Work of KAM

When we drive up to Malenovice and I head down the driveway to enter, I just smile. Every single time. What a special place this still is.

Camps, conferences, seminars, workshops, training events, schools events, weddings, celebrations and more have all taken place here over the past 15 years since it was renovated, and over the past 18 years since we purchased it.

As I sat downstairs in the meeting room this morning, for the "how many-eth time", I thought about all the spiritual work that has gone on here, and all the lives that have been impacted.

Yes, this is a special place where God delights in getting His work done.

Today's work was the KAM annual conference meeting, held over the course of two days.

Milan Michalko, the current director of KAM

KAM (which, in the Czech language, stands for 'Christian Academy of Youth') is the Czech national partner organization of Josiah Venture, founded in 1997 under Dave's leadership. He led KAM for ten years as its director, then passed on that responsibility to a group of Czech men in 2007.

They have been doing such a great job ever since of carrying on the vision of Josiah Venture that Dave wrote years ago: a movement of God among young people in the Czech Republic, that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.

As I sat in the meeting room, listening to the annual report and all that God is doing in this country, it brought me SO much joy. We love this country and long for people to know the saving power of Jesus Christ...and it's happening!

This team, JV's largest of the 13 countries, is faithfully at work sharing the Gospel, discipling new believers, training youth leaders and sending out workers. We are so proud of them, and thankful for all God is doing through them to make a difference in people's lives, for the sake of Christ, across this country that we love.

As Dave keeps saying, "It's harvest time!" and KAM is doing all they can to be part of that process.

Many of us pray that we will get to see real revival here someday, where not just hundreds, but hundreds of thousands, if not millions, will know Jesus as their Savior.

So thankful for the work of KAM to work so diligently towards that cry and prayer of our hearts.

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