Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Feeling Sentimental

Another day, another airport, another very cool, if not slightly sentimental view!

We left Portland this morning, flying over very familiar scenes to me: the Columbia River, I-205 bridge, Vancouver, the Cascade range. Even the rain was sentimental to me since I grew up in Oregon.

It didn't take long to reach altitude and find some sunshine up there. I like sunshine too!

And as we came down for a landing in San Francisco, it was a completely different sky than we'd just left in Portland an hour and a half earlier. So crazy how that works!

After such sweet days in Oregon, I woke up feeling a little homesick today. For where, I don't know! Oregon, Czech? I think mostly it was just that feeling you feel of belonging somewhere and missing it.

We got off the plane in Santa Ana after one more flight, and headed to baggage. I was still feeling sentimental for "home", wherever that is, when all of a sudden I saw this across the way.

My two girlfriends at home in Czech and Poland have this type of dog, and I had JUST written them an hour earlier while on our layover in San Francisco so was thinking of them. It seriously made me laugh out loud to see "their" dog here in LA! A little piece of "home" to me in an odd, sweet and wonderful sort of way.

We're here in the LA area for the next couple of days to share the vision of JV and about the new event center. We have several meetings scheduled while here. Off to one of them right now!

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