Tuesday, October 18, 2016

End of an Era

Tomorrow morning, we'll be at Moody Bible Institute bright and early as Dave has the privilege of speaking in chapel for all the students.

If you know anything about driving into Chicago from the suburbs on a weekday, you can imagine why we chose to come in this afternoon! Rather than wait for the slow-moving traffic jam that inevitably occurs each and every morning, we drove in today when traffic was light and found a fun neighborhood Starbucks so we could get some work done.

An hour later, I turned around and happened to see this person walk through the door.

Okay ... so I didn't "happen" to turn around! I'd been texting with Claire and asked if she'd like to come over and meet us since we were not far from Moody's campus. 😉

We're in a certain type of "lasts" with Claire these days ... the last time we'll hang out downtown Chicago while she's a student, the last time we'll be in chapel with a Patty child attending Moody, the last time we'll come into the city to meet up with one of our kids. That's a strange thought!

It's been seven years of having a Patty child downtown Chicago, and I think we're all feeling a little sentimental about this era coming to a close.

Which made it all the sweeter to hang out at a Starbucks with Claire, talking, laughing, and watching dad get work done!

We headed out afterward to get dinner across the street at Plum Market, where Claire had one of her jobs during these Moody years. Homemade soup, chips and Pellegrino, mineral water from Italy, soothed and nourished us all as we soaked in these last memories downtown Chicago.

These have been such good years for our kids as they've studied God's word and been impacted by godly professors and dear friends. We are deeply thankful for Moody Bible Institute and the excellent Bible education our kids have received there.

Even though in one way it's sad to see this era come to a close, our kids have been well equipped to move on to the next part of their life journey. I'm excited about what God has ahead for all of them!

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