Friday, October 21, 2016

A Bit Like Heaven

It was still dark as we traveled down the freeway this morning, headed towards a restaurant for breakfast.

Although we were only going to be in Indianapolis for 24 hours, I contacted some longtime friends to see if they had time to see us. Not only did they have time, but their sons as well! The last time we saw them was when they were 3 and 5. They've changed a little bit since then. 😉

But oh my, the fellowship with them and their parents was so precious as we caught up in person for the first time in ever so long.

At one point Rob, the dad, commented, "Isn't it crazy how we can be apart for so many years, and yet within two minutes it's as if we just saw each other. Don't you think this is what heaven will be like?"

Tears fill my eyes with that thought. YES! I do think heaven will be like that (and no doubt so much more!). We'll be reunited with people who love Jesus, who have lived their lives for him, and who we'll get to spend eternity with in worship of Him and catching up on all we didn't get to experience together on earth. And I think it will feel like we were always together.

We wish we could live life with so many of God's children that we know and love. But I'm glad we have eternity to look forward to in spending with all of you dear ones.

Thank you Rob, Cricket, Caleb and Joshua for years of loving us, partnering with us, and for living your lives for Jesus! You inspire us and we're blessed to be your friends.

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