Saturday, October 1, 2016


On this perfectly gorgeous first day of October, a group of women gathered to celebrate one of our JV women.

Meet Anissa, soon-to-be-mommy of a little girl who will be born here in the Czech Republic next month.

Anissa and her husband came a little over a year ago to serve with our Exit Tour ministry. Her husband, Cory, leads the band, Divine Attraction, that travels with our Exit team into high schools across the country, giving concerts, building relationships and best of all, sharing Christ.

It was an incredibly brave step for them to take, leaving behind family, friends and their life in California and step into a ministry and team they didn't know well.

But they, along with the other members of the band, have given their hearts to reaching out to young people across this country with the Gospel, which has brought many to faith in Christ. We are all so appreciative and thankful for their hard work and devotion to the Lord that is reaping a harvest!

Back to the shower today ... the other wife of a band member planned this celebration and invited us to come bless Anissa as she prepares to be a mommy!

The details of this shower were so thoughtfully prepared by Lorena, a loving expression of her heart for her friend, and offered in the home of Daniela, another friend whose husband also serves with the Exit Team. I love seeing the body of Christ come together in such sweet ways for each other.

We laughed as funny games were played!

And delighted in each gift so tenderly chosen for this mommy and baby girl on the way.

Anna, daughter of Daniela (who is holding the baby), was Anissa's happy helper throughout the unwrapping of each gift!

As this beautiful time of celebrating came to a close, Amy led us in praying blessing over Anissa, Cory and this sweet baby girl God is knitting together. Oh how we can hardly wait to meet her!

From JV women, to Czech girls in the youth group at the church Anissa attends here, there was much love flowing today for this beautiful, tender-hearted soon-to-be mommy!

It could not have been a sweeter way to spend a Saturday afternoon, rejoicing in God's gift of new life that is coming soon to Cory and Anissa.

Lorena, capturing a photo of Anissa and baby girl!

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