Sunday, October 23, 2016

Refreshing Week-end

Over the years the Lord has connected us to many wonderful churches across the United States who have chosen to partner with us in reaching young people in Central and Eastern Europe with the Gospel.

One of those churches has been Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL. They came alongside us nearly twenty years ago when Josiah Venture was in its early stages of growth. They have sent teams to camps, work teams to help with renovation projects, people to pray, staff to come and encourage, their pastor to speak at a conference for us, and generous financial resources.

They have not only invested people and resources, but prayer as well. And that was evidenced again this morning.

After Dave shared a short update about what God is doing, these dear people stretched out their hands to pray along with Eric who led prayer for Josiah Venture.

Can you imagine how this felt?? I felt like crying! It was simply awesome to have all these dear people standing with us in prayer for God to do even more than He's already doing! SO thankful for this body of believers.

And speaking of dear believers in this body: Harold came to say hello, reminding us of the time he came to help with renovations at Malenovice fifteen years ago! This kind, servant-hearted, loving man of God has been on SIXTY FOUR (or was it 84?? It was A LOT) missions trips in his lifetime! He even wrote a book to tell about them, which includes stories and photos of his time in Czech.

He and I exchanged books! I felt like I was in the presence of one of God's saints.

While it has nothing to do with an awesome church or wonderful believers, I can't end this post without saying...THE CUBS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! This is big news for all of our Chicago friends!

We'll remember our refreshing week-end at Christ Community with much fondness.


  1. Go Cubs! Does Claire even come close to understanding how amazing it is to live in Chicago during this amazing Cubs season??

  2. Right?! I was thinking the same thing. I'd love to be in Chicago this week!