Thursday, October 13, 2016

Photography and Coffee

For over four years, this dear friend and I have been waiting to meet for coffee. Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, to be exact.

A devastating diagnosis brought a halt to all normalcy in the lives of her family four years ago when her third child was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. Coffee with friends was not an option for a long time after that.

Ellie recently published a book "Chase Away Cancer" that chronicles their painful, heartbreaking journey of cancer in a 2 year old. Told with raw, honest and beautiful faith, it is a MUST READ. I can't recommend it enough!

The most beautiful part of her story is that God is not finished writing it! Chase is alive today, and in fact, was at school while she and Karsten, his little brother, and I took ourselves to Starbucks to have that coffee we've been waiting for so long.

I asked five year old Karsten if he would be our photographer today, to capture this sweet morning of blessed fellowship with his mom. I handed him my phone and let him take as many pictures as he wanted.

How unbelievably fun for me to see us and our morning at Starbucks through his eyes!

He captured me saying something to his mom with a lot of excitement.

And totally captured the beauty of his mom. Can you believe a five year old took this picture??

There were a lot of photos on my phone of his mom's pretty wrap. I love that he thought he should take pictures of it!

He also took artsy photos.

And photos of outside so we'd remember this gorgeous fall day.

And then, there were photos of me. "In the moment" photos of the crazy lady who was visiting with his mom. 😂  What could I possibly have been saying here??!!

When I say he captured a lot, I'm not kidding! There were so many of my expressions, captured by this great little five year old photographer!

What I loved most though were the photos he took of his mom, capturing her beauty through his eyes. Such love for his precious, brave, amazing mama. 

"Karsten, you did an amazing job taking all these photos! Thank you for being so patient with your mama and me today at Starbucks, and for taking such good photos so we could remember our very sweet time together. You're a really great boy! Sincerely, your friend, Mrs. Patty"

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