Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Afternoon at Nonnie's

After our regular Tuesday morning iTeam meeting at the office, I hurried home to see my dear little fellows for the afternoon.

Tyler and Lara needed to car shop today (they've been borrowing mine since they arrived), and asked if I'd watch the boys for them, to which I replied, "Of course!"

Judah and I started playing at 11:30 and honestly didn't stop until 4 when his mommy and daddy got home!

We were up and down and all around the house, changing locations every few minutes, as a two year old does! 🤣

But he was in the most cheerful mood so it was quite entertaining to discover new nooks and crannies with him at Nonnie's house.

Notice his constant companion? Kaylee is never more than a few steps away when Judah is here! I don't know if it's because she thinks he might drop a wonderful morsel at some point, or if she just honestly enjoys the activity! But she's definitely part of his entertainment when he's here.

Asher was having a bit harder day today.

Tyler and Lara, along with the boys, had to make a trip to Zagreb, Croatia on Sunday in order to apply for her residency visa on Monday morning at the Czech embassy there.

When applying for your first visa, you must complete the paperwork out of country. Tyler has permanent residency (because he grew up here), which qualified the boys as well for the same status. But Lara has to go through the regular process.

This meant the boys were in car seats 8 hours on Sunday to Zagreb, and 8 hours home to Czech on Monday, yesterday. Asher was a little out of sorts today after that trip.

Thankfully his older brother tuned in to his needs and was the only one to truly make him happy today!

They were laughing so hard that I could barely keep my phone still to take a picture, because I was laughing so hard too!

It's hard to describe just how precious it is to be part of their lives now. I love getting to see all sides of their personalities, and loving on them no matter how they're doing on a given day.

I love these little grandsons of ours. Can't wait for their cousin, Charlie, to join them here at Nonnie's house someday! What a grand time that will be!

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  1. I LoVe, LOVE, L O V E seeing these pictures of you getting to do life with Judah and Asher. It truly is surreal to see you all together. Only the Trinity could have orchestrated this story and I am soooo happy those boys (and soon Charlie) get to know their amazing grandma....I mean "Nonnie!" (which sounds so much younger!)...a woman who loves them and God fiercely and passionately!!!!