Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter in our World

On this first day back at home in Czech, I needed to run something up to Malenovice, which is covered in snow!

Oh how many times I've walked up and down this hill over the years!! And you know what? It never really gets any easier! 😂 Okay, well maybe it's a bit easier without snow. But today was not one of those days!

I have memories of walking up here before we even had stairs.

And before we had a parking lot at the bottom of the hill! Oh I shudder to think about those days when I had to park alongside the road, hoping that in the night a bus or truck wouldn't run into me.

It never did. But there was that time our car rolled backwards down the road and crashed into a barn and stopped only because of a bank of trees. 😱 Yes, not a fan of that road when it's icy and snowy like today.

Which is why I walked!

Back at home, the sun peeked its head out for just a couple of minutes.

In winter here, you learn to stop and take in that amazing site of shadows thanks to glimmers of sunlight.

And do you see that beautiful blue sky? I actually went outside to enjoy it because I didn't know how long it would be there (not long...I think it was all of ten minutes).

And so goes winter here in our part of the world. It's sometimes like living in a snow globe!

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