Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's in Krakow

 On this snowy Valentine's Day, we landed safely back in Krakow late this afternoon.

After California and Arizona sunshine for the past two weeks, the below freezing temps were a bit of a shock!

But I just pulled my hood up and remembered that I actually like winter...and seasons...and contrast. Yes, it's all in the contrast!

Of course when we got to the car it was covered in snow and ice. But a few good scrapes across the windshield and we were ready to go.

Since we knew we were landing on Valentine's, we decided to stay in Krakow to celebrate.

For many years Dave was gone over Valentine's Day because of the annual winter JV board meeting.

No matter how many times he made a way to get flowers and a card to me while he was away (which he always did because he knew it was important to me!), there is nothing like having him here in person on the day,

So on this Valentine's, it's special to be together, just the two of us, here in Krakow.

We walked from our hotel to a restaurant I'd found through Trip Advisor (what a good website for research!) named Zalewajka.

It says on their website that the name "Zalewajka" comes from a soup derived from Polish folk cuisine. I can't comment on their soup since we didn't have any, but I can say that their meals are simply amazing! It was a very memorable meal on this snowy, wintry Valentine's evening.

The walk back was equally memorable.

We reminisced about other Valentine's Days that we'd spent together, and shared what we love in each other. That never gets old! 💕

What a perfect way to spend Valentine's Day, with my one true love!

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