Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Comfort and Joy in February

We sing a certain song at Christmastime with the words "...tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, ohhh tidings of comfort and joy." But are those comforts and joys only meant for the holiday season? Of course not!

While "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen" is, delightfully so, about the birth of Christ, it is those other words that came to mind this evening as we watched the sun set here in Arizona. Why?

There are certain things that are now a part of Dave's and my annual rhythm, like coming to Arizona for the winter JV board meeting, that are a comfort and joy.

Until four years ago, I'd never been here. Nor did I think I'd enjoy it before I came, being that I'm from Oregon and love all things green.

But oh how I've come to appreciate and enjoy this very different part of God's creation. There is certainly beauty in the desert!

This evening as we sat outside on the patio with one of our JV board members and his wife, I loved the fact that it was 70 degrees on a warm February evening; as the two men in the above photo played incredible jazz music, and we caught up with these friends over dinner, I thought, 'This is comfort and joy'!

Our board member's wife asked if I wanted a photo in front of the sunset, to which I said yes! I want to remember this comfort and joy (especially knowing that it's snowing right now at home in Czech!)

One of our family's sayings is "It's all in the contrast", which refers to the fact that too much of one thing can make you dull to it; having contrasts in our lives means you learn to appreciate and enjoy things at all different times of the year and in different seasons.

So I'm glad that we come to Arizona just once a year, and that it's in February where we get to soak in some Vitamin D and some 'comfort and joy' with all those we know and love here.

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