Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Getting the Keys

Back in December, shortly after Claire arrived in the Czech Republic to begin serving with Josiah Venture, I wrote about the apartment that she was going to move into.

I haven't written about it since then, because she didn't end up getting to live there.

Through unfortunate circumstances for the woman who was managing the apartment, she was never able to follow through with getting the contract prepared for Claire to sign.

So a few weeks ago, Claire asked a friend of ours if he (Thank you Petr!) had any contacts with someone else who might have an apartment. He did!

And today, after a long wait to see where she would live, Claire finally picked up the keys to her new apartment!

But here are some of the best things about this story.

It's still in the village of Čeladná where she wanted to live; it still has a view of the mountains which she hoped for; it's a newer apartment building and thus is safe from mold which is key for Claire (due to her severe reactions to mold since early childhood).

But the best, BEST part of the story? She will live here with a roommate!

And this roommate is a dear friend that she's literally known her whole life!

Unfortunately she was sick today so couldn't come to pick up the keys too. But they will begin to share life here in just a few short days!

Pavla, her soon-to-be roommate, was just a year old when we moved to Havířov - the same age as our Caleb. Claire, Caleb and Pavla all went to školka (pre-school/kindergarten) together, and then in their high school years, all attended BMA.
In January this year, Pavla came on staff with our Czech JV team (KAM) so works in the office in Frýdlant.

So it's a full circle for Claire and Pavla who will move into their new apartment March 1.

Since Pavla couldn't be there today, it was my joy to accompany Claire to her apartment, meet her landlord, and be with her when she got the keys.

I'm sure Claire and Pavla will enjoy settling in soon!


  1. Congratulations to Claire and her new roommate. I think she will have more fun with a roommate than just having her own place. It just seems more like Claire to have someone else around to live life with when not working and traveling.

  2. Oh, I love everything about this!!! God is SO good!