Monday, February 19, 2018

German Friends

Winter skies in Czech are the best after a rare sunny day!

The forecast for the rest of this week is for completely cloudy/snowy skies so I'm happy I had a reason to go outside and see that view at that moment.

Dave was on his way from our offices in Frýdlant to pick me up, so I just met him at the end of our snowy lane.

On a summer day I would have walked to where we were going, but in the late afternoon chill of this snowy winter, I chose to be picked up as we headed to our little village of Malenovice.

A number of years ago a man from the village tore down the old pub and built this beautiful restaurant, a favorite of ours to frequent when friends and guests are in town. It's the neighborhood hangout!

We're on an international theme these days regarding guests. And today's fits right in, having come from Germany.

This is my very long-time dear friend, Lina, who I've known for more than thirty years! We knew each other as single women, then shared life, early marriage, babies and ministry back in our Heidelberg, Germany days with Malachi Ministries.

A year after we moved into Czech in 1993 to begin JV, she and Jim, along with their two children, moved to Havířov and served with us there. Now, twenty five years later, she and her husband serve with JV in Germany.

And today they brought their pastor and his family from Leipzig to meet us!

We had a delightful time getting to know them, and of course any time with Jim and Lina is wonderful! It couldn't have been a more pleasant evening spending time with these friends.

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