Friday, February 2, 2018

The Gift of Mentors

Back in 1985 the Lord brought a man into Dave's life during his first year as a full time missionary in Germany. That man, Charlie, turned out to be a life-long mentor and friend.

Just a few years later, the same year we were married, God brought Suzi, an amazing woman, into Charlie's life, and in the years to come a friendship was born among the four of us.

We both gain so much from these dear friends as they give us love and care, impart wisdom and guidance, and nourish our souls through their love for the Lord.

It's a great gift from God to have people in your life who care about you in this way. They've been such tremendous role models for us, and we've sought to learn from them and pass on what they've given to us.

"Thank you for loving us so well Charlie and Suzi - you mean the world to us!!!"

Oh, and we love Bailey too! 😉

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