Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Prayer Needs

Dave came home so encouraged from the Advance conference last night!

With his car in the garage (he hit a pot hole while driving home from the Krakow airport on Friday and actually broke a spring...yeah, the big one on the underside of his car! Must've been quite a pot hole...), I went up to the hotel to pick him up late last night, waiting in the parking lot down below for a bit (too much ice to risk going up), while he had one last conversation with someone before walking down.

He said the group of people there for this conference is so outstanding that it's hard NOT to just stand around and talk! With 120 people there, all focused on this crucial area of birthing healthy churches, I'm sure there will be many enriching conversations this week, along with the teaching.

I drove Dave up there again this morning at 7:45 and he'll be there until 10 or 11 PM again tonight...these are long, but good days for all of them at the conference! Thanks for your prayers for them this week.

On another note...Caleb woke up with what seems like strep this morning. He's at the doctor right now. Would appreciate prayer for him. Winter is always hard on his body - has been for the past 9 years since his first serious illness back then. I know he'd be grateful for prayer right now.

Tomorrow I'll be meeting for the whole day with Amy and Laura, my two JV friends who will be teaching with me at our annual JV ladies retreat in March. We taught together in Romania in September, and now have the joy of teaching our friends and co-workers. Please pray for us as we get in tune with each other, with the Spirit and with the hearts of our ladies as we prepare to teach.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer my dear blog reading friends!


  1. Hey, well, the good thing is that you get at least 5 minutes there and 5 back with him in the car to talk! With him being this busy at the conference, you can be alone for that little bit of time! :)

  2. Hey Connie! Check out my friend's gluten free site! She is a missionary in Spain, so she uses the same "European" food that we have here! :) https://littlesiesta.wordpress.com/