Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's a Good Man

Dave is in the States right now...not just one state, but many! Over the past eleven days he's been in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, California...and he's on his way to Oregon today.

He's had a very full schedule...JV winter board meeting, preaching numerous times, visiting supporters, talking with people interested in JV, getting together with teams going out this summer, sharing the JV vision with many.

But what I love about him is that he is so good at connecting to us back home when he's gone, which was especially important yesterday! :)

While he was wishing me a happy Valentine's day on the phone, I heard Caleb rustling some paper in the kitchen. The next thing I knew, he brought in a beautiful bouquet of roses he'd gone into town to buy on Dave's behalf...giving them to me as I was on the phone with him!

He's a good man!

Not only were there flowers for me, but for Claire too!

He's also a great dad!

Though we missed his presence here on Valentine's Day, we knew he was with us in his heart!

PS. After posting this, I found out that it was actually CALEB who thought to buy Valentine's flowers for his sister! :) He's a good man too! 


  1. Beautiful flowers! What a great husband/Dad (and what a helpful son, too!)

  2. For some reason the comment approval keeps stalling out when I try my wordpress ID, but this is the same person as the deopatriaeamicis comment above, responding to your question on my blog (thanks for dropping by!). My family went to Grace Church for about eight years when I was growing up - don't think we ever met though I remember Dave speaking when y'all visited the States and that sort of thing. I've moved several times since then and am now grown and married, but still follow what the old GCD missionaries are doing. Can't remember who/where/what originally showed me your blog URL - maybe it was someone from the church or on the Grace website? Very interesting that you were involved in ministry to military youth - the military world is such a different sub-culture sometimes!