Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thanks to Claire

It's Spring break at our house, which means life is in a different mode...and in our case, that means that Claire is experimenting in the baking department. I love when she does that!

This morning I enjoyed... Egg Mcmuffin on a gluten free English muffin that she made! And let me tell was better than any store bought English muffin, gluten or no gluten! Wow...amazing.

She even took the this is really a "thanks to Claire" post!

I did buy a very cool egg poaching (and omelet) pan while I was in the States and thus have a perfectly poached egg to go on that English muffin! And I gotta say...the bacon I buy at our little store in town in the best! It was perfect on that Egg McMuffin.

Together we're going to try our hand at an apple strudel this afternoon, and I have my eye on a new spaghetti sauce that we'll make for dinner, complete with some aged cheese we bought at our local cheese store.

It's nice to be in vacation mode for a few days!


  1. hmmm...not so sure about that apple strudel anymore!! It looks so hard to make...especially when dinner is in an hour! :D

  2. By the way, you're so welcome for the English Muffin! So glad that was a success!!!!

  3. What is your recipe for the english muffin!???

  4. that looks so incredible. can i come home for my meals?