Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pray for Advance

Tomorrow is an important day: 125 pastors and church planters will gather at Malenovice for JV's second annual "Advance" conference, Monday through Thursday.

One of our desires in JV is to see healthy new churches birthed across the region of Central and Eastern Europe. This conference is designed to help equip those God has called to this significant task.

In a region where so few people know the Lord, attend church, or even know someone who does, the future of the church is at stake. If we are to reach this generation with the Gospel, we must have churches that are equipped to not only share Christ, but also disciple and care for new believers, as well as penetrate every aspect of society.

Pray with us this week for fresh vision for the bride of Christ. Pray for the leaders who will take hold of this vision to see the bride flourish. Pray for a movement of God in this part of the world that sees the church thrive!

When I asked Dave what he was excited about this week, his face lit up and he replied, "It's a really good group of leaders who will gather this week! They have lots of potential to speed up the growth of the church in this region and initiate new church plants. There is a lot of significance for the future of the church as we come  together this week. PLEASE pray God moves in a powerful way!"


  1. YES!!!!! I'm with you guys and believing for a POWERFUL downpour from the Holy Spirit on your time this week. Love you all!!!

  2. By the Power and Strength that only Jesus Christ can give I ask in the name of Jesus to forbid satan and his army from attacking the conference and that the Power of Heaven be upon all those who call upon the Name of Christ to be lit up the Holy Spirit of God this week. May they venture out
    with a new vision and purpose to continue to be light in a very dark world.