Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On My Heart

It's late...11:30 PM to be exact.

Dave is still up at the hotel for the Advance conference. He called a little bit ago to tell me not to wait up...but it's hard for me to not do that! So here I sit, writing a blog post about what's on my heart tonight as I wait for him to get home.

  • Caleb does have's a serious case of it and the doctor told him he needs to stay home for two weeks. I feel for him as he puts life on hold in order to take care of his body...not easy for my active, extrovert son. This is the first time he's had it in 8 years...back then he had it seven times in six months and then got his tonsils out!
  • Amy, Laura and I had a wonderful time together today working on JV ladies retreat we loved thinking of all our JV ladies today! I sense God has some really good plans for us all during our days together (March 15-19 in Poland)...praying for that anyway!
  • When Dave called a bit ago he said, "It was a REALLY good day at the Advance conference!" I'm sure details will come...though maybe not tonight. Maybe on the week-end?!
  • The garage called today and Dave's car was fixed a day early! Hooray! I was able to pick it up and deliver it up to Malenovice so he could drive himself home tonight.
  • This is good news because it is SUPER cold out and I'd rather just sit by the fire and stay warm while I wait for him!
  • We ran out of propane gas in our tank today so have no heat in the house besides our fireplace. This means it will be a cold night in bed! BRRR!! Hopefully the gas man will be able to come tomorrow. No matter how much gas we buy in the summer to fill the tank, it never seems to be enough to get us through the winter. VERY thankful to have a good fireplace right now....and lots of wood to burn! :)
  • Had the sweetest talk with Tyler this evening as he was on his way from Moody to youth group at Grace Church (our home church in the Wheaton area, and where he leads a small group of guys on Wednesday nights). I love my son! I love that he's got such a good heart for the Lord, and keeps going deeper in his walk with Him. 

That's all for tonight! Except to leave you with a parting picture of Amy, Laura and I just as they were leaving tonight! I meant to get pictures earlier...but only remembered as they had their coats on. Sure love these dear sisters!

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  1. Funny. Cece goes, "why they have their jacket on, Mommy?" :)