Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's No Secret

It's no secret that I like to celebrate.

Birthdays? Check! Christmas? Double check! New Driver's License? Of course!

Valentine's? ABSOLUTELY!

I think it started because of my mom (isn't she pretty?!) who also likes to celebrate. She was always so good about those holidays and special events too...and to this day, never forgets to send beautiful, perfectly worded Hallmark cards that she has specially chosen for many occasions!

Years ago, when the kids were really little, I started celebrating Valentine's Day with them. It came at a time of year when we needed a "perk" inside when outside was often so gray and gloomy.

Although Valentine's Day is not really celebrated here in Czech (and especially wasn't in our early years) we would cut out red hearts, make cards for each other, decorate the kitchen table, and never forget to bake cookies or cupcakes! I always made a point of stashing away American canned frosting (you know, the pink kind with the sprinkles on top that you probably should only eat once a year?!) just so we could have it to use on Valentine's Day!

Fast forward many years later...I'm still doing it! And I even baked gluten free cupcakes that totally rivaled any box mix I ever made in the past!  (And my mom supplied the pink frosting this year...thanks mom!)

I found a recipe here that was the perfect yellow cake recipe...moist and tasty, but best of all, gluten free!

Celebrating is a way for me to honor, love, cherish and value the people around me. I like saying, "I love you" even with a pink cupcake!


  1. These cupcakes were SOOOO good!!! So worth it for a little imported frosting. :D

  2. I just came across this post again...and I want that frosting!! :D It looks good!! Maybe I need to have cupcakes soon. :)