Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fusion in Frydlant!

This summer I wrote about Fusion camp here, a unique, exciting and fruitful ministry of music, drama and dance within JV.

After much prayer and preparation, today was a significant day here in Frydlant.

It was the beginning of the Fusion ministry here!

Over 300 junior high and high school students from Frydlant and neighboring towns came to a preview concert to hear what Fusion is all about. Thanks to the Fusion choir from Havirov, a city nearby, they put on a concert, along with the team here in Frydlant. This team will be starting Fusion TONIGHT!

Bogdan, the Fusion leader, and Maya, one of the student leaders (and a classmate of Claire's at BMA) invited the students to come at 5 PM to experience a Fusion practice, and see if they'd be interested in joining.

As all the students came for the concert this morning, I was praying that God would lead many of them to salvation through Christ. That is the point of the Fusion ministry!

Terry English, the creator, heart, soul and brains behind this ministry, was here to watch today. THANKS TERRY for all you and Hanka have done to start this amazingly fruitful ministry here in the Czech Republic!!

As students left the concert, Claire and others handed out flyers about tonight's Fusion in Frydlant.

I hope you'll join me in praying that some of those students you see here will come tonight...and that their lives will be changed forever!

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  1. So exciting! I think this post will go down in history! :)