Saturday, March 30, 2013

Experimenting Mode

I am in experiment mode with my blog.

You know how it is, right? Maybe it's arranging furniture for the tenth time in your living room, or maybe it's getting that cake recipe "just right". Most likely, we all have something we're "working on", and it takes a few (perhaps a lot) of tries before it feels right.

For me, it's my blog that I'm trying to figure out.

I'm in the midst of a remodel on it and I hope you'll hang with me through it! Writing is an important part of life for me - something that I really enjoy doing. But creating the right "home" for it is also important so I'm trying to do something about it.

These past four weeks I've been taking an on-line class about blogging through Holly Becker at Decor8. Wow, have I ever learned a whole lot in this class! It's been very inspiring and helpful.

But it's a bit like taking an interior decorating class, where suddenly the things you thought looked great in your house seem to need some sprucing up. And rightfully so! There is nothing wrong with looking at things with different eyes to see where improvements can be made...and then making them!

So that's what I'm in the midst of - working on it until it feels "just right".

Just don't want you to be too surprised if you see something new coming and going for the next little while!

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  1. Visceral results of your new format are favorable! Love the changes!